1- The inventory – the moving company or the local forwarding agent in charge of transporting your belongings will require you to provide a detailed inventory.

2- The change of residence certificate isoften required to authorise border transit. If local authorities are unable to deliver this document, get in contact with the French consulate.

3- Tax exemption – don’t forget that a tax exemption or situation invoice can be required by the local administrative authorities.


* * *

If you come from a European Union Member State, there are no border control formalities.

If you come from a country outside of the European Union

You can benefit from the tax deduction (unpaid rights and taxes) when importing your personal belongings, if the following conditions are fulfilled:

  • Residence abroad for over 12 months
  • Use and possession of the goods for over six months prior to transfer of residence.

You will provide border control with:

  • A detailed, estimated, dated and signed inventory of your belongings (including vehicles)
  • Any document proving that you have been living in another country
  • Any relevant document proving that you are moving to France (change of residence certificate, mutation order, work contract, residence permit, etc.).

If you own any valuable goods (antiques, art pieces, etc.) or any good requiring special formalities, you will have to fill in a specific declaration which will be handed to you by border control.

You can also fill in the declaration (Cerfa 10070*02) on the following portal: http://douanes.gouv.fr/.

In return, you will receive from border control:

  • An endorsed copy of your inventory
  • A 846 A certificate for your vehicle registration (standard registration plates)
  • A free circulation card delivered on demand

Goods admitted in tax emption cannot be given away, rented or lent out for the 12 months following their importation in France. In the opposite case, taxes on importation would apply.

Careful: saddle animals, motorcycles, motor vehicles and trailers, camping trailers, leisure boats and tourism planes must have been acquired all tax included in the country of origin to be eligible for tax exemption. In any case of residence transfer (intra-community or in a third country), some goods must undergo special formalities: pets, weapons and ammunition, cultural goods, endangered fauna and flora, medicine and plants.

* * *

To learn more, check the “moving in” section on the border control website. (In French only)


Border information service

From France0811 20 44 44 from 8:30 am to 6:00 pm

From abroad or outside continental France: +33 1 72 40 78 50

Email: [email protected]