Dogs, cats and ferrets from the European Union

If you bring your pet from an EU country, it must:

  • Be marked by the implantation of a transponder (microchimp).
  • Be vaccinated against rabies.
  • Bear a passport (and a written declaration of its owner if you are not).

Exceptions exist, check the European Commission’s (EC) website for more information.

Dogs, cats and ferrets from outside the European Union

The above conditions apply for non-EU pets, plus:

  • A rabies antibody test, undergone at least 3 months before your arrival in Germany.
  • A health certificate and declaration issued by an official veterinarian.

It must pass through a travellers’ entry point (see the list here) to has its documents checked.

Before leaving your country with your pet to Germany, you have to bear a few things in mind:

  • the competent authorities must always check the identity of your animal and its documents;
  • you should not be accompanied by more than five animals (any more and EU trade conditions apply).

Check the EC’s website for comprehensive information about import of pets from a non-EU state.

Be careful. If your animal violates any of these policies at its EU port of entry, it will either be returned to its country of origin, taken into quarantine for several months or, under certain circumstances, be killed. All these situations will be at your expense.

For further information:

  • Visit the website of customs (Zoll).
  • You should also ask the regional veterinary authorities or the Federal Ministry of Nutrition and Agriculture the most recent and relevant information.
  • You can also visit the EC’s website to get complete information about movements of pets to and within the EU.

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