To benefit from a change of residence certificate, you will be required to move to France for the long term after 12 months or more of living outside the European Union.

You will be offered to import your personal belongings (jewellery, toiletries, fishing and hunting equipment, clothes) as well as your pieces of furniture (rugs, glassware, books, pictures, …) free of tax if you can meet the following requirements:

• the said articles must have been bought less than 6 months prior to the change of residence,

• each of these articles must be listed with its purchasing price, a signed and dated duplicate bill,

• you must also be able to prove to border control that you have lived for a year outside of the European Union and that you are about to move to France for the long term. Please provide the authorities with a residence permit or a letter from your employer.

If you are French, a certificate handed over by the Consulate General of France (“Certificate of change of residence”) should help you going through the process.

The Certificate of Change of Residence (applicable for 1 year starting on your arrival day) is delivered by the Consulate on the basis of the following written evidence:

1_ If you are registered at the Consulate, you will need to provide them with:

• Last name/First name/Date of birth of each member of your family moving in

• your address in the United States,

• your address in France,

• The date when you will effectively move out,

• the content of your move (if you do not know the details, simply mention Vehicle/Furniture/Personal Belongings).

2_ If youhave not registered at the Consulate:  

• Last name/First name/Date of birth/copy of the passport of each member of your family moving in

• your address in the United States + any documents to attest of your stay in the United States for at least a year (copy of your entry visas, electricity bills from a year ago and recent ones),

• your future address in France,

• The content of your move (Vehicle/Furniture/Personal Belongings),

• The date when you plan on moving,

• This document implies consular fees.


Any item, personal belonging or piece of furniture free of tax and imported on French territory cannot be sold during the year following its declaration to border control. In any other case, you will be required to pay the corresponding taxes.