Signing your contract

There are more than 400 energy suppliers in Germany. Before choosing yours, make sure you compare them!

For that, you can use online comparison sites such as Stromvergleich or Verivox. Leading companies in Germany are VattenfallE.ONLekker EnergieYello MVV. Companies often offer premium or fixed prices to attract new customers. Each region has its own supplier by default. Check which is yours and compare with the competition.

It will be quite easy to sign up for your energy contract. Once you find the best offer, you just have to do an online or phone subscription. To do so, you’ll need some information:

  • Your personal details and the exact address;
  • The meter number and the meter reading;
  • The date when you entered the flat/house.

The energy supplier may ask you for other things, such as the name and contact details of the previous tenant, the area of your home, etc. When signing, you’ll have to pay attention to the duration of the contract and the payment method (monthly, quarterly or annual payment).

Don’t worry if you didn’t sign your energy contract at the moment you entered your home. As in many European countries, energy suppliers don’t cut off the electricity when the previous tenant leaves the home. You’ll have some time to deal with your new supplier; you’ll just have to pay the energy consumed since your entry in the house or flat.

After you sign…

Once a year, a technician of your energy supplier will come to you in order to read the meter. This reading will determine the adjustment your energy provider will make in your bills, either raising them or making a repayment.

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