Liability insurance (Haftpflichtversicherung)

This ieveryday insurance, covering every damage you, your spouse or your children may have caused to other people or their property. The liability insurance will cover the cost of damages up to a specified amount.

Motor vehicle liability insurance

If you have a car or motorcycle, you are required to have a motor vehicle liability insurance in order to register your vehicle. It will cover personal injury, material damage and property loss if you cause an accident or injure someone while driving your car.

Comprehensive insurance for your vehicle

There are two kinds of comprehensive insurance:

  • Teilkasko (comprehensive insurance) will pay for theft or robbery, fire or explosion, storms, hail, lightning, flooding, collisions with certain animals (such as deer), broken glass, short-circuit damage to cables.
  • Vollkasko (comprehensive insurance plus collision coverage), covers any damage resulting from an accident caused by you or a third party and damage from vandalism. Consider it particularly relevant if you have a brand new car!

Car breakdown insurance

A car breakdown policy will cover the costs of a rental car or towing of your car in case of a breakdown or an accident. It will also cover the costs of transporting an injured or ill person.

Household insurance

This insurance covers your home and its content, in case of theft, fire, storm or flooding.

Accident insurance

The statutory accident insurance fund to which you belong through your employer covers you in case of an accident in the workplace or on your way to work (see the article Health [↙]).

For accidents that don’t occur at work, you should sign up for private accident insurance. It will pay for the financial consequences of an accident (not for medical costs that are covered by your statutory health insurance). It will also cover the costs of a long-term (or definitive) work incapacity, and some types of re-education that are not covered by your health insurance.

The insurance policy

Don’t purchase the insurance policy too fast. Weighing pros and cons with friends or colleagues will probably save you money.

It’s generally a good idea to understand what you are signing up for. Here are some insurance terms you are certain to meet in a contract:

  • Pflichtversicherung (Compulsory insurance), is the Insurance required by law.
  • Selbstbeteiligung / Selbstbehalt (Deductible), is the amount you are required to pay if an insured event occurs.
  • Versicherer (Insurance provider), is the company from which you purchase your insurance policy.
  • Versicherungsnehmer (Policyholder), is you — if you are the purchaser of the policy.
  • Versicherungsfall (Insured event), is the event that triggers payment from your insurance company.
  • Versicherungsprämie / Versicherungsbeitrag (Insurance premium or insurance contribution), is the amount (and its frequency) that you pay to your insurance company, determined in the insurance policy.
  • Versicherungsleistung (Insurance benefit), is the benefit you receive from the insurance company if the insured event occurs.

Once you have chosen your insurance policy, after a personal meeting with an insurance advisor, bring the contract at home to read carefully. Unless you’re fluent in German, you’ll want to ask a friend or colleague to go with you to the meeting.

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