Introduce yourself to your neighbours!

Obviously this part is up to you, but it goes without saying that introducing yourself is  a nice way to break the ice with the people you’ll be seeing every day. Having a decent relationship with your neighbours is also great in case you need help in a pinch with watering your plants, feeding your cat, monitoring your house, etc.

Inform your landlord if you have pets

The law allows you to keep small animals at home if they are normally in cages, aquariums or terrariums. For larger animals, like cats or dogs, you need to get prior authorisation from your landlord. In any event, as with anywhere else, in Germany it’s generally a good idea to stay on your landlord’s good side.

Clean up your own front yard

In almost every German state, the tenant is responsible for cleaning the hallway or the walkway in front of the building. If you live in a building, cleaning might be included in the common costs and provided by a caretaker. If you live in a house, this entirely is your responsibility. Don’t despair! Backbreaking labor is always a good way to meet your neighbours.

Separate your waste

Germans are world-famous recyclers. They use a swatch of different colours for their containers (blue, yellow, green and black). The even better news is that you could make a euro or two as incentive! Supermarkets sometimes offer automatic deposits where you can put your bottles and receive cash.

Here you find the most important information needed to answer your questions about Good habits with your neighbours. If you know other tips or want to share your experience, do not hesitate to contact us. You could even send your testimony which could be published on our website! Thanks for your contribution to the Leon community!