Get the required authorization

Make sure your spouse enters Germany formally – see Bring your family with you.

Take care of Anmeldung

Just like you, your spouse is going to need an Anmeldung. Read the article Registering with local authorities for more information.

Sprichst du Deutsch?

It should go without saying that for you and your spouse learning German is pretty useful to becoming happily integrated in your neighbourhood – not to mention in the ease of finding a job for your significant other – should they want one. Check out the article Mastering Germanfor more information.

Find a job

Naturally, your spouse is delighted to join you in Germany. But if living the life of Teutonic domestic bliss isn’t for them, they’ll want to find a job. Germany has a low unemployment rate, and if your spouse has a mastery of English and good command of German, it’s a good bet they’ll waltz into a job.

Hey, good news! There’s a 99.99% chance your spouse has an international profile. In other words, HE OR SHE IS A LEON! They should mosey on over to Wonderleon to find great jobs and great opportunities if they so please.

Here are some tips and vocabulary to help your spouse in their search:

  • A German CV usually includes personal details, professional experience, education, language skills with the associated level (muttersprache or mother tongue; verhandlungssicher or business fluent; fließend, meaning you speak the language conversationally; and Grundkenntnisse for basic skills,) in addition to special aptitudes and interests.
  • If your spouse needs help in writing their CV, they should visit the Europass website. Europass also offers a help in writing a European Skills Passport, that will help your spouse in giving a comprehensive picture of their skills and qualifications, including a Language Passport, that will help them in formalizing their language skills thanks to an auto-assessment grid.
  • Getting their qualifications recognised would be a good idea for your spouse. Read the article Recognition of official documents.
  • Companies often use assessment centres for top-management positions. Your spouse would be asked to take some tests with other applicants (group discussion, role play, presentation…).

Get more information on bringing your spouse to Germany on Make it in Germany.

Here you find the most important information needed to answer your questions about bringing your spouse with you. If you know other tips or want to share your experience, do not hesitate to contact us. You could even send your testimony which could be published on our website! Thanks for your contribution to the Leon community!