Informing your landlord about your departure

Depending on the legislation of the country in which you live, you might have to inform your landlord several months before departure.

Terminate your contracts and subscriptions

If you don’t want to find a mountain of bills to your name upon your triumphant return from Germany, don’t forget to terminate all the contracts and subscriptions to which you are committed: electricity, water, insurance, Internet, TV, phone, press, etc.

Share your address!

Whether you like it or not, from an administrative perspective the chances are you’ll have to inform some entities that you’re leaving. Of course after your family, the first people you need to notify it is the official local contact point of your country of origin in Germany (embassy or consulate.) Then you can tackle your other administrative affairs. Some of them, like your bank, may need to contact you after you leave. Lastly, you may have to inform your post office of your change of address, which will be helpful to redirect your mail if you forgot to inform some of your secret admirers!

Prepare for the move

The easiest way to move is to call a professional moving service. Get this out of the way well beforehand in order to avoid unpleasant surprises and stress. Check our article on Moving [↙] for more information.

Registering your property

Before you transfer your property to Germany, you have to register it as your personal property to avoid paying a tax on it. Check our article Register your property for more information.

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