Get the required authorizations

If you don’t want to leave them at airport customs, make sure your children enter Germany formally. Read the article Bring your family with you.

Make their Anmeldung

Just as with you and your spouse, your children are required to have an Anmeldung. Read the article Registering with local authorities for more information.

Ensure their health

Don’t forget to register your kids to your insurance when you move!

Birth of a child in Germany

If you hold a valid right of residence when your child was born, your child will also be granted a Residence permit, according to the Section 33 of the Residence Act (AufenthG).

German citizenship is based on the Principle of parentage:

  • If you or the other parent of your child are German, your child will automatically acquire German nationality at birth.
  • If not, your child may be entitled German citizenship in addition to your nationality. To do so, you or the other parent must have lived legally for at least 8 years in Germany and hold a settlement permit or indefinite residence title at the moment of the birth.

Good to know: parental benefits

Under certain conditions, you may be eligible to family allowance:

  • Parental benefit, called Elterngeld, after the birth of your child;
  • Child benefits, until the 18th birthday of your child (25 in certain circumstances).

For more information on these benefits, visit (in German), and on the website of the Federal Ministry for Migration and Refugees.

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