Looking for a property with precise standards, be it to rent or buy, can be a real hassle, especially if you don’t live in the city you are searching: quality properties are scarce, you have to deal with numerous interlocutors (agencies, individuals, solicitors, real estate agents, …), you have to be extremely reactive, and there is an “invisible market” that you need to take into account.

A real estate hunter can be THE solution to find the property of your dreams in the shortest time. This real estate expert only works in the benefit of the buyer (or tenant).

He takes full charge of the search for his or her client, from defining your needs down to the actual signing of the bill of sales (or of the lease)… and sometimes even more.



The real estate agent will help you define your bill of specifications, including all of your needs in order of priority: area, size, budget, style of the building, environment, works to be planned… He will assist you so that this bill of specification is complete and coherent with what the market can offer. He can also suggest elements if you are not familiar with the different districts, depending on which environment you wish to find, on the location of your workplace, … (residential or lively area, accessibility of one school in particular, etc.)

This “adjustment phase” can be done in presence of the hunter, by phone or via Skype. The real estate hunter can ask you pictures of places you like, pieces of furniture, apartments or houses that you have owned or rented. It will help him understand your taste and guide you towards the most adequate place to live.


Once the feasibility of your search has been validated, you will sign a research warrant. Most of the time, it will be exclusive: you contractually commit to hand down 100% of your search to the real estate hunter).

The fees can vary, and is index-linked to the value of the property (or on the rent), and are only application if the search is successful, when you sign the lease to buy the property. The real estate hunter is paid by the buyer (or the tenant), in addition to the remuneration of a potential real estate agency.

When signing the contract, in the case of a search for a place to rent, you will have to provide the hunter with a comprehensive file, as he or she might have to send this file to property owners in your place:

For the tenant and his or her guarantor:

  • Family file of civil status, identity card or passport or residence permet.
  • Bank account details.
  • For wage-earning individuals: last 3 pay slips, or if you were hired recently, a work certificate showing the type of work contract. In the event of a transfer, you will need both of these documents and a transfer notice.
  • Last tax notice (entire document).
  • For non-salaried individuals: certification from a certified public accountant of your last incomes, assessment and last tax notice.
  • Last 3 receipts for rent or last land tax.

For married couples or live-in partners, you will have to provide these documents for both members of the couple co-holding the lease.

In the event of a search for a property to buy, it could prove useful to study your financing beforehand (with a broker or a bank), both to reassure the future seller, and to give you the most precise idea of the budget you can allow on this expense.


The real estate hunter does the entire search for you: he or she selects the right offers, visits the properties and then submits to you those who are up to your standards. He or she will explore the entire market (individuals, agencies, solicitors, auctions, real estate agents…) to find the property which corresponds the most to your needs.

Each relevant visit is comprehensively reported, along with pictures presenting the property’s pros and cons. You could say you are visiting properties from your living room.  You can then select the properties you would wish to visit. The real estate hunter, especially if you are searching for a place to rent, can organise a few visits on one or several days, while showing you the area if needed. He or she will also assist you in the negotiation.


Once you have identified your perfect property, and after having heped you with the negotiation, the real estate hunter will collect documents you should read before committing (if you are looking for a property to buy, these can include the technical diagnosis file, the last statements from the General Meeting…). He or she can also help you estimate the potential works to be done.


Very often, real estate hunters offer side-services to the search, which will require separate cost estimates:

  • Carrying out the inventory (if you are renting the place), and subscribing to different contracts (electricity, internet, …)
  • Monitoring the works, giving advice regarding the maintenance and renovation
  • Registration at school…