You will have to search for your new accommodation in France as early as possible. It is important for us to help you moving out that we now your destination, at least which city you’re going after. The more details you can provide us with (access, other details …), the more precise the price estimate will be. And that means less bad surprises on arrival.

If you can’t provide us with precise details, we will just create a more general price estimate, which we might adjust -or not- as we learn more.



As soon as you start the whole moving out process, you will have to decide which items you will be taking with you. Try to list them as precisely as possible.

You can then submit your estimate and our experts will provide you with the best solution for your needs.

Depending on how much you will have to move, a professional can come assess the volume of items directly at your place (starting from two rooms or more worth of items).



Try to have a precise idea of when you want to leave, or arrive, so that our teams can give you a price estimate. The more information we have on your departure, the more we will be able to provide you with a precise price estimate.