Anmeldung is not Messing Around

Bear in mind that every change of direction must be reported to the local authorities, even if you move within the same city.

Of course, registration doesn’t release you from your obligation to notify other public authorities, such as the motor vehicle registration office.

The Anmeldung is a key for your life in Germany. With it in hand, you will get your tax number[↙] (you’ll be asked if you already have one; if not, tell the officer you want one), and you’ll be asked for it while opening your bank account or putting up your internet connection.

Anmeldung, set, go!

You must do your Anmeldung no later than two weeks after moving in. Be careful! Registering and changing registration is considered civic duty. Delinquency on the deadline can result in a fine.

If the application requirements are met and the necessary documents presented, registration or change of registration can be completed immediately.

Documents you must submit

To register, you need a valid identity document. If you are renting, you must submit a completed certificate of the landlord (Wohnungsgeberbescheinigung). Further documents may be required in individual cases.

Generally, you can find the form to fill and the address of the corresponding registry office on the website of your new city.

Once you fill in your form and gathered the required documents, bring them to your registration office. You may have to wait a few hours before meeting an officer so check the website of your city if you can set up a meeting.

Costs and fees

No fees are charged.

More information:

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