On the way to back home ? Mobility involves housing, administrative formalities (visa, work permit, schooling …) and daily integration (transport, good addresses, etc.). Switch Up will be in the summer of 2017 the first mobility platform that allows you to get in touch directly with a welcomer able to welcome you in your future place of life. In the meantime, we are already operational to help you.


From a simple helping hand to a accomodation visit to a more global assistance (which can often be taken care of by your future employer via the Action Logement Mobili-Pass), you can choose your contact on the following topics:


Accommodation: Presentation of the districts, search, selection and visits of the houses but also assistance with the lease and check in, help with contracts related to accommodation: electricity, internet …


Administrative assistance / Immigration : Work permit, residence permit, social security, CAF, tax, bank account … we could (almost) make you love the French administrative formalities! In the meantime, we know how to manage them for you or give you the keys to get there.  Children: nurserie or babysitting solution, school cafeteria, extracurricular club, school bus, elementary school, secondary school, high school, equivalence of diploma. Of the selection of the establishment at registration, our Welcomers will be able to help you and share with you their knowledge of their territory   Integration: to feel welcomed, you must know to which door to strike. We will be there to guide you to the right people for your job search, to orientate you towards the right networks according to your interests, to put you in contact with the sports clubs or with the relays of your community.



Switch Up helps Leons with their move to France by putting them in contact with our “Welcomers” able to welcome them all over France. Switch Up specially offers to Leons :

  • A customised service: YOU choose your Welcomer and the type of help you need .

·       Simple and fast: from June 2017, you can organize your return online: choose your Welcomer, file your accommodation file, access the accommodation visits, manage the administrative part … before you meet your Welcomer in real life!

·       Taking your international experience into account: because sometimes we come back from abroad accompanied, we are happy to offer you 30 discounts on our IMDATA service: for 70 euros TTC instead of 100 euros TTC receive in PDF the ‘To Do List ‘of your immigration process (list of documents, dashboard, planning, point of vigilance and contact details of a specialist if necessary)

·       And a bonus: . 1.      Send us an e-mail to [email protected] so that we can send you our Free Useful Book of Return to France 2.       you arrive in the West? Especially for the future Nantais and because Switch Up is located there, we offer you our talk presentation of Nantes 3.      Thanks to # ReviensLéon by calling our services, we will have nothing but for you a small welcome gift the day of your move.


Services tested and approved by the Leons: Clémence Goussin: “Very reactive, understandable, I immediately felt the difference! I am now well installed and Switch Up has been top (and still is) top! “