It is the second round for Doctolib that raised 61M€ in total this year, a record in the Med-tech sector! ?

This new financing round with BPI France and Eurazeowill allow Doctolib to extend its services in France and Germany. To accompany this growth, Doctolib will pass from 380 employees to 580, doubling its engineering team (from 50 to 100 people).

Among new features:

  • Product improvments to simplify even more health professionals and institutions work
  • New features to improve the product access to patients

Doctolib will also recruit more than 100 employees in Germany in order to support its growth. The company already has offices in Berlin, Munich, Cologne, Düsseldorf and Hambourg and collaborates with more than 1 000 health professionals.

Join them!

The 5 Core Values of Doctolib: the « SPAAH »

  • Service : Delivering an outstanding service.
  • Passion : Being passionate and creating fun.
  • Ambition : Being ambitious, with no limits.
  • Attack : Being determined.
  • Humility : Being humble and sensitive to others.

Doctolib in key facts:

  • Launched in 2013, Doctolib is the the european leader in online medical appointment booking 
  • 30 000 health professionals
  • 800 healthcare facilities
  • 12 million visitors on Doctolib in France & Germany every month