Since April 2015, #REVIENSLEON members have accelerated their  development abroad, winning new markets, opening new offices and  recruiting international talent worldwide. From thie offices or their  headquarters in France, these high-growth companies now offer services  in nearly 127 countries on the five continents.

An expansion which  was accompanied by strong growth of the teams, who have been joined by  almost 2,034 new employees, including 756 international profiles – and  this without even including the recruitments made by LVMH! Candidates  with international experience are highly valued and account for 37% of  these new recruitments.

Focus on selected start-ups and scale-ups


BlaBlaCar  is the world leader in long-distance ridesharing with 30 million  members in 22 countries. Very well established at international level,  this start-up has pursued since 2015 its global expansion with the  opening of new offices in Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Rumania, Slovakia,  Mexico, and Brazil. Its team is today composed of more than 500 people  of 34 nationalities. 33% of the 210 employees recruited in the past 18  months have an international background.  


Since  May 2015, Dataiku, Dataiku has become the European leader in Big Data  predictive analysis. Available today in 10 different markets, Dataiku  has also strengthened its presence in Anglo-Saxon countries by opening  three new offices in New York (2015), San Francisco (2016) and in the UK  (2016). Dataiku is doing today more than half of its business at  international level. The company has also tripled its team since 2015  (from 20 to 60 employees, including 20 international profiles).

Captain Train/Trainline

Captain  Train is a beautiful French success story. With its association with  Trainline in 2016 (which resulted in a recent change of name), the  company became Europe’s leading independent train travel platform and  retailer.   Combining offers from 44 railway companies in 24 countries,  it facilitates mobility across Europe. European by nature, the company  has recruited since May 2015 36 employees, including 12 international  profiles. The global Trainline team includes 36 nationalities.


Launched  in 2012, Chauffeur-Privé offers a 100% French alternative to transport  of people and taxis. Already well established in Paris, Lyon and on the  French Riviera, the service foresees a European expansion by the end  2016 or 2017. Its multicultural team has grown tremendously since April  2015, with 94 new employees, including 13 international profiles. It now  has 11 nationalities.


Founded  in 2010, Drivy quickly became the world leader in peer-to-peer car  rental, one of the leading sectors of the sharing economy. Firmly  established in Germany and Spain, the company has initiated in 2016 its  introduction in three new countries, Austria, Belgium, and the UK. Drivy  hired 50 new employees since May 2015 to support its expansion, 80% of  them having an international experience. It has 7 nationalities in its  teams.


With  a team composed of more than 10 nationalities, iAdvize is the European  leader in real-time customer engagement and is used in over 40  countries. Its international expansion has accelerated since 2015, with  the opening of new offices in the UK, Germany and Spain and  exponentially growing teams (nearly 100 employees in 2015 to 180 today).  In this context the company highly values the international profiles  which represent 33% of recruitments made since 2015.


Already  Europe’s leading booking platform for restaurants, LaFourchette joined  the TripAdvisor group in 2014 to accelerate its international expansion  while maintaining its French identity: a successful bet. The company is  now present in 12 countries including through acquisitions in the  Netherlands or Australia. It has about 600 employees, and a large part  of international profiles. The teams, composed of a wide range of  nationalities, are divided between the headquarters and the 15 offices  abroad.


SIGFOX  is the sole supplier of a global communication service dedicated to the  Internet of Things. A global network by nature now present in 24  countries and on every continent. Its international expansion has  accelerated considerably since May 2015, with coverage of more than 15  new countries and the opening of offices in Boston, Munich, Dubai, and  Singapore. An expansion supported by a growing team, now composed of 300  employees of 16 different nationalities. 95 people have been recruited  since May 2015

ShowroomPrivé.com  is a growing business. As a major European private sales and online  shopping platform, the company is now present in 9 countries, with  offices in Italy and Spain. Its team is also expending: the company  recruited 290 employees since May 2015 (and 45 international profiles).  International and multilingual profiles are essential for this leading  e-commerce platform, which is composed of 38 nationalities.


360Learning  is the French leader in digital collaborative learning. Present today  in 127 countries, the start-up continues to gain new markets: since  2015, it grew by 270% per year on average, acquired customers in twenty  new countries (Asia, Central Europe, North and South America),  translated its digital learning platform in 10 languages and recruited  more than 40 employees.