Thierry Petit, CEO of, represented #REVIENSLEON during the colloquium organised by the senator of the Palais du Luxembourg. During the first roundtable on the topic of departures and arrivals from and to France, he talked alongside with Thierry Marx, Félix Marquardt, Georges-Francis Seingry and Anne Trousseau to share his experience as an expatriate and his vision of a more attractive, welcoming and entrepreneur-orientated France.This colloquium follows a report from the senator, handed over in July 2015 to the Prime Minister, presenting 50 suggestions to make the process of coming back to France easier for expatriates.For the occasion, Ipsos and the Banque Transatlantic have presented the results of their poll on the link between the 2.5 million French workers living abroad and France. This poll highlights strong perceptions and motivations:

  • 38% of French employees leave to give new drive to their careers,
  • Nearly 50% have left since at least 6 years and have a local work contract and are not outposted by a French company
  • Only half of them think they will come back to France, and only 15% are sure they will,
  • 88% of them consider they contribute to the influence and promotion of French culture by living abroad.

Another important figure: when asked about how they feel about coming back to France, 42% declared they were worried.

The #REVIENSLEON programme means to make that figure much lower! By offering new professional challenges and by supporting candidates with the process when they want to come back, #REVIENSLEON’s ambition is clear: get rid of such worries!

To read the full report of the survey, click here