2015-2017: 2 YEARS, 20 ICONIC START-UPS

At the end of May 2015, a dozen scaleups, all icons of French Tech, launched an original pioneer call to French talent worldwide, trumpeting career opportunities offered by the tech boom in France: #REVIENSLEON.

This unprecedented action was driven by the idea that having the right team is the key success to making a business grow, and leaned on three core missions:

  • Highlighting challenging job positions offered in great French innovatives companies,
  • Communicating internationally to boost their employer branding & France’s attractivity,
  • Accompanying the companies’ growth by supporting HR teams & recruited Leons in French tech companies.

In barely a year, the call was answered by talent of every nationality, scaleups went global, offering jobs around the world, and new companies joined the movement. #REVIENSLEON has participated in more than 15 tech events and organised 7 meet-ups with talents internationally. It has also been actively advocating among French institutions on the importance of streamlining the French offer for international talents.

In the two years since, nearly 20,000 candidates representing over 100 nationalities have applied, and 2600 ‘Leons’ ─ French or foreign talent with global experience ─ have been recruited. Time had for #REVIENSLEON to keep pushing back the frontiers of excellence to become WONDERLEON!

Key figures about LEONS

A study carried out by WONDERLEON, in partnerships with EY, CSA & the Chair of Entrepreneurship ESCP.

  • 70% of next recruitments anticipated by WONDERLEON companies will be focused on international talents
  • Top 5 of nationalities hired in the French tech ecosystem after French people: American, German, Chinese, British, Canadian
  • What are the main assets of the french tech ecosystem according to Leons?  Being at the heart of the European innovative ecosystem & Working with world-class teams!



On June 13th, #REVIENSLEON traded its beret for the stars of the European flag and became WONDERLEON!

This new identity will allow us to reach directly international talents and to state our European ambitions: Europe is experiencing and building an all-new land of innovation and opportunities. Ecosystems are growing, investments are flowing, teams are recruiting!

WONDERLEON will now be open to all European companies committed to innovation: startups, scaleups and “grown-ups” (corporate innovative groups)!

WONDERLEON kept its mindset but renewed its tools!

  • New website
  • New logo and graphic chart

But also, we enrich our missions:

  • Opening our job-board to European start-ups, because talents are mobile on the European continent
  • Strengthen our support to the HR teams to face better the challenges in recruiting international talents and structuring their service
  • Strengthen the support provided to recruited candidates in their relocation processes by developing our network of partners
  • Communicate internationally about the European innovative scene