Last week was the France Digitale Day!

And this year was special, as France Digitale blew its 5 candles! This year was all about disruption: France Digitale 2017 was Un/stoppable. Inspiring speakers talked about demystifying AI, the future of Bitcoin, the Start-up Nation and alternative growth options for start-ups…

Key facts about the Day

  • 3000+ top level attendees
  • 75+ inspiring speakers
  • 16,000+ unique visitors to France Digitale Day’s website

Something special this year: France Digitale welcomed a European Digital Summit as a side-event, to address hot topics: Brexit, European regulations (copyright, data etc) and study the challenges of creating a European unique market.

The 2017 Barometer: French startups are turning into international scaleups!

The annual barometer “Social and economic performance of French digital business startups” is out! What’s new?

  • Startups revenues & profitability have increased in 2016.
  • Startups are born global as young players focus more and more on foreign markets since their inception
  • Financing remain one of the main challenges
  • Surveyed startups still heavily depend on state incentives and rely on the players of the French Tech ecosystem
  • Startups are RECRUITING! On average, 13 jobs were created in each surveyed startup in 2016.

This study also concludes on the fact that the main obstacle in startups development, apart from financing, remain in finding talents matching their needs. Key jobs startups are looking to fill-up: Tech jobs but also Business development & sales representatives!  Check out our jobs:

To conclude: French startups are going global! ?

Source: “Social and economic performance of French digital business startups” 2017, France Digitale, EY & Serena Capital