+3,5 million of registered inhabitants,  900km2, +900 bars… Find your way around Berlin may be not be an easy task! I’ve lived in Berlin for 4 years and worked for 2 start-ups in the big city. There are fundamentals that will help you get you through your firsts days in a Berlin innovative company! ?

1. TRY TO LEARN SOME GERMAN. It may not be an easy task at first, but speaking German helps a LOT integrate the local community.

2. DON’T DRESS UP unless it’s specified in the company you work for. You usually won’t need suits nor ties in Berlin start-ups 😉

3. GET USED TO TASTE CLUB MATE. It is the local equivalent to coffee!

4. CHECK OUT the various meet-ups and other startup events happening in the city. Develop your professional network!

5. DON’T GET CLOSE TO BERGHAIN – unless you’re fluent in German and wearing your best hipster outfit!

Like Johanna, watch out for more job opportunities in Germany!