Julie, Marketing Manager Europe @Meetic, Paris

Back to the European time-zone

Hi! I’m Julie and I’m a Marketing Manager Europe at Meetic-Match Group in Paris. I have been here for a more than a year now.

Initially I had planned to spend one year in Asia, but ended up spending eight years there! I moved back to Europe to get closer to my family and enjoy our beautiful continent.

Discovering the digital sector 

In 2015 I decided I wanted to give a strong digital turn to my career so I started meeting a lot of entrepreneurs, start-up founders… I had been disconnected from what was going on in my home country, I was surprised to see how thriving the industry was in France and more generally speaking in Europe.

How to maintain my international mindset 

Meetic is a brand part of Match-Group and is covering 14 markets in Europe. It definitely enables me to keep this very strong international vibe that I had developed during my time in Asia. International is in our DNA!

I was also attracted by Meetic business purpose: our objective is to make people that are meant for each other meet!

Last but not least, Meetic is located in the prime and very central location of Opera in Paris, so I get to see every day the monuments I have been missing for so long!

What’s special about the French savvy ecosystem

I was actually extremely surprised when I arrived in Paris to see the flourishing environment of startups and how savvy they were in the digital matters.

What I love about this ecosystem is really the flat and non-hierarchical organization I can evolve in. Everyone, when he or she has a great idea, can actually stand up and voice their opinion.

Let’s team up for WonderLeon, let’s value our international experiences!

I find absolutely fantastic that French or foreigners living abroad can get WonderLeon support. Expatriates living abroad and evolving in a very dynamic ecosystem, are kind of scared to come back to France. Scared they can’t find this dynamism they have been experiencing. But there is actually a lot of career opportunities in the French tech ecosystem.

I definitely think that WonderLeon is a great initiative and should be shared with French people living abroad and anyone curious to come to Europe. Foreign experience is definitely valuable for many companies here.

| From Julie’s experience:

★ Seize opportunities, frontiers are not barriers!

★ Don’t be afraid, there are opportunities to work with an international mindset!

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