What better welcome could you hope for?

At the beginning of  March 2016, six LEONS recruited by companies taking part in the movement  have been welcomed in the Elysée Palace by the President of the  Republic for a long interview.

Those rich talks at the top of the  French State gave an opportunity to mention the attractiveness of France  for the French diaspora in the world, and the necessary promotion of  international experience by French companies. This meeting was also the  occasion to state a report of surprises the LEONS have been subject to  when coming back to France, bad and good all together. The good ones:  hyper-dynamic French start-ups and a booming ecosystem that our LEONS  hadn’t heard of from Berlin, Mexico, Shanghai or Dublin. The other bad  ones, less surprising but still disappointing: the administration  ordeals and, more generally, the unsuitability of our systems to special  cases of returning employees.

This constructive exchange was  centered on tangible experiences, which French public institution search  for. #REVIENSLEON is, in this respect, clearly identified and requested  by public stakeholders to give reviews of its observation of this new  field for France. Recently, #REVIENSLEON shared its returns on  experience with the Ile-de-France Regional Council during a conference  on growth and employment.

#REVIENSLEON is the very first  organisation in France to ever work on such themes. The movement, a  private initiative initiated by fifteen French companies, is now its own  referent, as it puts together experiences on the field, but also a  guide for French institutions, which have understood the relevance and  need to work on the country’s attractiveness. It is necessary to make  sure joining a French start-up becomes as simple as working for a  Californian one, and that our companies become more cross-cultural to  climb up to the first rank of the world’s leading edge.