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Scaling Stories: Meetic



What do we do? At Meetic, we believe in the mix of online and real life experiences: that is one of the reasons why we launched real life events for singles 5 years ago. We are now the biggest events organisation company in Europe with 160 events each month across 15 markets.


Love is Universal Dating is Local

Beginning of 2018, we decided to gather a multi-national team of marketers in Paris because video conferences were no longer enough when it comes to human relations and especially within a dating business.
It took us 6 months to recruit the right talent across all markets, where we now have representatives from the UK, Germany, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, France, Denmark, Norway and Sweden..
They are now involved upstream of any given project: for instance collaborating directly with product teams when it comes to building the new Meetic Experience.


The Little Stories Behind the Scaling Story

Launch of services are adapted locally e.g. our latest successful launch, for young people over 50, which were carried out across 6 markets: “Ourtime” in the UK, Sweden and in Spain, also named “DisonsDemain” in France and “Zweisam” in Germany. The launches were supported by the teams in the Paris head office, composed of native marketers who continuously integrated local adaptation.


Key Learnings & Anecdotes

By having everyone in the same room, our people work toward a common goal. Through our international pool of talent and our Paris based teams, everyone feels involved in producing high quality work across all markets.
Cultural Relevance is Not Lost as from the very beginning of the project, marketing experts give their local insights, avoiding any bias and loss of time when it comes to the goto-market.
Experts Always Keep on Learning. Our marketing managers have the possibility to learn from other markets. Some market specific initiatives roll over to other markets whereas in the first place they should have remained only local.


The Team Behind the Move

Many people have been involved in the effort of bringing marketing experts together.


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