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Niklas Zennström is CEO & Partner at Atomico and previously co-founded and managed globally successful tech companies, including Skype and is the President of the European Tech Alliance. He is now also a Europe Connector for WONDERLEON, promoting our messages to the European level & leading forward the Europe tech industry growth. All of his actions show a profound commitment to the growth of the European Tech Sector! We asked him to tell us more about his vision of the European tech sector.

A thriving European tech industry

Niklas Zennström came to Paris to have a sneak peak of the fast-paced & exciting Parisian tech hub, visiting startups and entrepreneurs from WONDERLEON & the Galion Project companies.

We are observing a good momentum across the European ecosystem and its different tech hubs that’s here to stay. There has never been a better time to be a tech entrepreneur in Europe as there are plenty of opportunities! More and more great companies are founded here and Europe continues to be very strong when it comes to technology. Plus, the environment has very positive trends in terms of invested capital & regulatory environment.

Two challenges are yet to be addressed:

  • Europe is good at attracting great talent to accompany innovative companies’ growth, but the we need more of them!
  • There is still less growth equity than in the USA, even if this is evolving fast.

The State of the European Tech Industry 2017

Next November, during Slush, the State of the European tech industry 2017 will come out. We expect it to show that Europe has had another momentous year in terms of deals, growth in Venture Capital but also in talent: more and more gifted founders with innovative ideas!

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*It is out! Check out the 2017 State of the European Tech report.

Niklas Zennström, Frédéric Mazzella & interestedentrepreneurs in Paris