#REVIENSLEON takes the opportunity of the FRance Digital Day, this  emblematic event of the French start-up ecosystem, to share with you  some insight into the recent international developments of our start-ups  and actions.

French start-ups do recruit the world!

We investigated. And the result is impressive: the #REVIENSLEON* start-ups have massively expanded globally over the past 18 months. Since April 2015 they opened 22 offices abroad, and are now present in 127 markets on 5 continents.

This growth has gone hand in hand with a very strong expansion of teams: 2034 people have been recruited within a year and a half, representing a 39% growth! In this context, a  special care has been also given to the recruitment of “Leon” profiles,  with 756 international talents joining French start-ups (a 37% share in  recent recruitments).

The French start-up ecosystem indeed  attracts now talented professionals from all over the world: 62% of  #REVIENSLEON candidates applying on reviensleon.com are now non-French  talents from 85 different nationalities! A clear proof that the message  on the attractiveness of our start-ups has been heard beyond the French  communities.

Over the past months, #REVIENSLEON has worked hard to  support this movement: our website which highlights competitive career  opportunities is now available in English and the support we provide to foreign candidates recollecting in France  has been effective since July. In parallel #REVIENSLEON is animating,  in partnership with the French Tech Team, a working group on the  implementation of a tailored-made helpdesk to facilitate  administratively the recruitment of international talents.

Check out here what Léon think of the French start-up ecosystem! 

The #REVIENSLEON family is expanding!

#REVIENSLEON is welcoming this September five new high-growth start-ups , and a new friend of #LEON:

  • FINALCAD, a global leader in digital transformation of the construction sector, with projects in 30 countries.
  • Meetic, the European leader of dating services present in 15 countries
  • Speachme, the first P2P knowledge platform
  • VizEat, the European leader of immersive food experiences, with hosts in 110 countries
  • Yescapa, the European leader of motorhome and campervans rental between individuals.
  • And LEON’s new friend, Tediber, France’s first 100%  online mattress brand. As friend of LEON, Tediber will offer on of its  very special mattress to the next LEON – indeed, great work goes along  with a good night’s sleep!

The arrival of these new start-ups in #REVIENSLEON will enrich the diversity of the targeted job offers available for international talents on reviensleon.com!

* Survey conducted among #REVIENSLEON strat-ups and scale-ups excluding our grown-up member LVMH