HR & CEO feedbacks

You’re a HR Manager or CEO in a fast-growing start-up or scale-up in France?

Are you facing the hardships of recruiting the greatest talent?

Participate to our great study “International talent: Key drivers of the french tech ecosystem growth?”!


10 min top – FR & EN versions

The  objective of the study is to highlight the role of international talent  and teams in your company’s growth and success in France and  internationally!

As a key actor of the French  Tech Ecosystem, your feedbacks are very important to understand better  how to make France & Europe more attractive on the global tech scene  and promote the most challenging job positions in start-ups!

NB: Who are “international talents”?
French people with  more than 2 years of international experience and foreigners working for  your company, in France or in one of your international offices.

Leon feedbacks

You’re an international & experimented employee working in a French start-up? You’re a Leon! 

Participate to the study & give your feedbacks!


10 min top – FR & English version

The objective is to have a better understanding of your background, international experiences & motivations!

Nota Bene

Your answers will be anonymous and the results will be aggregated on a national level.

Caution: if you close the questionnaire before you have finished answering, you will have to start from the beginning.