Philippe, CTO of Doctolib in Paris

One new stamp on my passport

My name is Philip, I am Canadian. I studied in computer science and very early on I got interested in technical jobs, in technology. I basically got on board a startup very early on in my career after spending some time in the Seattle, US, I then moved to Rome, Italy where I became the CTO of a travel company that was later sold to Expedia, moved again to Barcelona, Spain  and off I was again from the very South of Europe all the way to the north spending a year and a half in Sweden,Stockholm for a FinTech….and now Paris!

My motivation: Doctolib’s mission

I got very interested about the project itself. Doctolib is an amazing project that is addressing a very important need which is to bring health access to everyone and to improve the practitioners’ daily lives. I met a team which is very ambitious and compatible with my ways of seeing the world. And the last thing that I love is that everything is still to be done in this environment. I believe that my experience in the e-commerce space and the different industries I have been working in before will be quite useful to support the growth and the success of Doctolib.

The ambitious role of CTO

As the chief technical officer, I’m basically in charge of all things related with technology. My role is to basically with the help of my team to think on how to build and deploy these solutions, those platforms and to continuously improve and develop new functionalities to make access to healthcare easier and a reality.

| From Philippe’s experience:

★ Take your international experience as a way to develop your “out of the box” thinking

★ Be ambitious, expand your horizon. The European tech has some hot senior jobs to grab!   

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