Hardly a year ago, in a Parisian café, ten start-ups and scale-ups or  so, all gems from the French Tech, launched the “ReviensLeon” movement!  The name is funny, almost off, and acts as a generational tag. The  message is crystal-clear: the hypergrowth of the French ecosystem. The  HR project is disruptive. The objective: reach French workers with an  international experience who wish to join French start-ups to help them  grow worldwide.

Since the launch, #REVIENSLEON has been exploring  untouched lands –for France. What is already obvious in some countries  is only just starting to be understood, defended and structured. Indeed,  there are no references in France on this topic –or more precisely,  there WERE none. Just like the start-ups it represents, the programme  watches, invents and analyses every day, to be able to adapt. It is now  even more and more identified as an atypical “employer brand” project –a  textbook case requested to share its learnings on skill circulation on a  worldwide scale and the means to attract new talents.

Today, the  first LEONS have just joined the French start-ups taking part in the  programme. It is the occasion to look back on what many consider a UFO  in the HR and communication fields.

A message with an international reach

As  soon as it launched, #REVIENSLEON has relied on tech and web  international events to let the voice of French start-ups in worldwide  development be heard outside of France: New York, San Francisco, London,  Dublin, Las Vegas. These events have given opportunities to meet the  French tech diaspora, first representative of the image of France  abroad. They are also the occasion to have a better understanding of the  image of France and French companies, often outdated, to those who see  it from far away. There is no doubt #REVIENSLEON is anti-French-bashing,  and met French international workers, all relieved to see a positive  and innovative movement from their country of origin.

The  programme got some attention in France but also abroad, with 10 000  unique users on its website since its launch (2500 on cruising stage)  and regular connections from abroad.

The candidates started to  apply, shyly at first during the summer, then with more resolution in  September 2015. The delay of reflection is rather short between the  first perception of the message and the actual action. In December 2015,  #REVIENSLEON experienced a new rocketing increase, along with a new  learning: the international expansion of French start-ups attracts  talents from France, but also from plenty more nationalities (Spanish,  Americans, and Indians come first). This trend is confirmed now, as over  50% of the applicants on reviensleon.com are from abroad, even though  the website has only very recently been translated.

High quality profiles, up to the highest standards

Altogether,  5048 applications have been received by #REVIENSLEON on the 230 offers  published on the website. The analysis of the received CVs brought more  good news: #REVIENSLEON is right on the spot and has precisely  interested the profile with a high international experience that it was  meant to reach. 81% of the candidates have a significant international  experience and 65% have over 5 years of professional experience.

The very first LEONS

It  is no secret: go through 5 to 10 interviews before being selected,  change job and change life… it takes time! The average period between  the application and the recruitment is 8 months. 8 LEONS have already  been identified at Bablacar, Dataiku, iAdvize, Sigfox since the launch  of the programme. But others have surely been recruited withinthe member  start-ups, but have yet to be identified. The LEONS are resourceful,  they know how to make their way with the information on the website.

You can find LEONS’ testimonies here where they all describe their (good) surprise when they discovered the dynamism of the French start-up ecosystem.

Watch, try, adapt

After 10 months, #REVIENSLEON looks back and analyses its observations. What did we learn?

1)  The candidates need to be provided in priority with coherent  information. This mission is carried out for a great part by the work of  centralisation of information on the reviensleon.com website, and, more  recently, by the “retour en France” platform, developed by the  cross-ministry mission of administrative simplification.  The rest of  the support can only be tailored for each person, depending on the  situation, and in strict coordination with the different public  administrations concerned (Social security, etc.)

2) Working in a  French start-up is an objective for many French international profiles,  but also, and increasingly, for foreign candidates who can feel the  hyperdynamism of the French start-up ecosystem.

#REVIENSLEON  remains agile and will keep on adapting: we will soon offer a tailored  support dedicated to talents from all over the world.