Throwback to the WonderLeon Awards

Shining the spotlight on the great teams behind the stories!


“We are creating the first house branded event spotlighting scaling stories that evoke diversity, creativity & audacity of the teams within our startups and scale-ups. This event also intends on putting forward major players that act as enablers of our ecosystem: those who help day to day our startups to grow. It’s by uniting our forces on the common topic of “talent”, that we will manage to accelerate the international growth of our whole ecosystem”


Frédéric Mazzella, Founder & President, BlaBlaCar & WonderLeon



Agnès Cosnier-Loigerot


“ With INSEAD’s core values including Diversity as a source of learning and enrichment, closeness to the international business community and entrepreneurial spirit; the missions of INSEAD and WonderLeon are strongly aligned ”


Agnès Cosnier-Loigerot Global Director, Career Development Center of INSEAD


By launching for the first time and event such as the WonderLeon Awards, we wanted to share with the world international stories from our Wonder Companies with insights from top enablers, we hope to bring knowledge that proves to be helpful in overcoming today and tomorrow’s challenges.

An ecosystem’s strength lies in sharing, engaging and growing. Discover a selection of stories told directly by the teams behind them! 


European Tech is on a talent hunt!

For the past 3 years, “Talents” have been at the core of WonderLeon missions. Today,
WonderLeon has launched two new initiatives: the WonderLeon Awards which recognize our
start-up and scale-up teams and the Scale-up Job Fair which brings MBA students into contact
with scale-ups.



The WonderLeon Awards recognize 5 international scaling stories

WonderLeon – the European tech ecosystem’s international attractiveness program for talents
worldwide – held the first WonderLeon Awards Ceremony tonight in Paris. This event was
designed to recognize start-up and scale-up teams who have successfully completed
international development projects and rallied ecosystem actors around the common cause of
This past Thursday, Kat Borlongan, Director of the French Tech mission, Agnès CosnierLoigerot,
Global Director – Career Development Centre of INSEAD, Frédéric Mazzella, Founder
and President of BlaBlaCar and WonderLeon, Julie Ranty, Director of Viva Tech, and Agathe
Wautier, Founder and CEO of The Galion Project, brought their viewpoints and insight to this
collective challenge and attributed the Awards to 5 winning teams.



Five international scaling stories were presented and honored

The Awards recognized 5 international projects, each presented by the team behind their solid
success. BlaBlaCar, iAdvize, SpeachMe, Talentsoft and Meetic shared their “scaling stories”.

  • BlaBlaCar – “From community relation to community engagement: our story of
    BlaBlaHelp in Russia”
  •  iAdvize – “Getting inspiration from local teams”
  • SpeachMe – “Onboarding a new team 9000kms away”
  • Talentsoft – “How to be efficient in your recruiting process? Be collaborative”
  • Meetic – “Love is universal, dating is local”


“For 3 years now, WonderLeon has brought innovative European companies together to tackle
the challenge of talents. Today, we have created the first brand event, to highlight the diversity,
creativity and determination of our start-up and scale-up teams who are developing
internationally. We want this event to facilitate encounters between people who play a driving role
in the ecosystem. By focusing our energies on the collective challenge of ‘talents’ we can
accelerate international development throughout our ecosystem,” declares Frédéric Mazzella.

Agathe Wautier, Director of The Galion Project, claims: “Entrepreneurs are all facing
international challenges and often find solutions via exchanges with the right people. That’s why
sharing experiences helps the whole ecosystem to develop.”

Julie Ranty, Director of Viva Tech: “The new economy has huge potential for everyone involved.
We must mine our creativity to create synergies and solid bonds between companies of all sizes.
This collective energy will carve out a place for us on the international tech scene.”

Agnès Cosnier-Loigerot, Global Director – Career Development Centre of INSEAD stresses:
“The fundamental values of INSEAD are based mainly on diversity as a source of learning and
enrichment, as well as on close ties with the world of international business and company spirit.
The missions of INSEAD and WonderLeon are highly compatible. We are proud to be partners
with the very 1st WonderLeon Awards.”

The WonderLeon Awards were organized in partnership with
INSEAD, Les Echos and Engie.


WonderLeon organized its first Scale-up Job Fair in partnership with INSEAD

To provide a platform that fosters high level exchange and relationship building between scaleups
and talents, WonderLeon organized, in partnership with the international business school
INSEAD, the first Scale-up Job Fair. This afternoon event was held at BlaBlaCar headquarters
in Paris as a prologue to the October 18th Awards.
19 scale-ups looking for experienced international talents met with INSEAD students who will have finished their studies in January 2019, as well as Alumni. Highly sought-after talents for scale-ups entering the international development phase, INSEAD students have the signature “Leon” profile: significant job experience, a highly international culture and a taste for new professional challenges. Participants in the Scale-Up Job Fair included: BlaBlaCar,, CybelAngel, Dataiku,
Deezer, Flixbus, Glovo, iAdvize, INSEAD Launchpad,,, Prestashop,
Simplon, Scality, Talentsoft, Theodo, The Other Store, Vectaury, Zenpark.