#REVIENSLEON starts its American journey in Las Vegas to attend #CES2017, a new opportunity to exchange about French companies’  attractivity in the international talent hunting. Right after,  #REVIENSLEON team will head to the San Francisco Bay to gather international talents and innovators. Friends, let’s meet up!

#CES2017: Let’s go!

Time  for the 2017 CES has come! More than 3 800 companies will meet again to  create synergies on business consumer technologies. France will be the  third largest delegation with 266 companies represented.

3 of  #REVIENSLEON start-ups members will attend the tradeshow and exchange  about their experiences developing a French tech business: Najette Fellache, CEO of SpeachMe, Jean-Daniel Guyot, International Director of Trainline and Ludovic Le Moan CEO of Sigfox.

To  start the show, you are invited to share #REVIENSLEON ‘s breakfast with  the team ready to discuss about French attractiveness and  opportunities! How to find us? We’ll be on “La French Tech booth” (Hall G  50620)  from 9.30 to 11am on January 5th!

For more information, you can visit the official CES 2017 webpage

to join #REVIENSLEON breakfast at #CES2017

Let’s meet up in SF!

San  Francisco, it is always a pleasure! #REVIENSLEON roadshow continues.  This time, we’ll meet up in the heart of San Francisco at  Smartrecruiter’s offices where top French innovators will discuss France  and Europe attractiveness and dynamism in the tech sector ! Among them,  Najette Fellache from SpeachMe and Reza Malekzadeh from Partech  Ventures and French Tech San Francisco are coming to meet you, great  talents of the Valley !

to join #REVIENSLEON Meet-up in SF

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