What a great reward for WONDERLEON!

On July 5th, Greater Paris Investment Agency hosted an event to present the results of the Global Cities Investment Monitor 2017 and granted two awards :

  • The 2017 International Investor” to  General Electrics, represented by Vincent CHAMPIN, General Director @Digital Foundry
  • “The 2017 Attractiveness award” to WONDERLEON, represented by Frédéric MAZZELLA, Founder & President @BlaBlaCar and Board member of WONDERLEON.

WONDERLEON couldn’t be happier to be distinguished by such a great jury composed of the Greater Paris Investment Agency, its Board and President, Christian Nibourel, President of Accenture (France & Belgium). This great price rewards WONDERLEON efforts to promote the French territority and tech ecosystem attractivity internationally, highlighting France’s perks and the great professionnal opportunities lying in our innovative companies.

The WONDERLEON adventure only begins…!

The Global Cities Investment Monitor 2017

This great evening was opened by the French Ministry for Economy and Finance, Bruno Le Maire and by Christian Nibourel, President of Accenture (France & Belgium). Speakers reiterated their willing to promote France’s attractiveness internationally by leading forward new reforms and encouraging investments.

Later on was also presented the Global Cities Investment Monitor 2017, a report collected by KPMG, Greater Paris Investment Agency and Opinion Way to present an overview of various capitals attractiveness, strenghts and weaknesses.

This report shows great competitive advantages for the European capitals, and specifically for the Greater Paris region:

  • In post-Brexit Europe, Paris become the most attractive city in Europe!
  • Europe becomes the first destination for international greenfield investments
  • Paris competitive advantages mainly rely on its infrastructures, quality of life & start-up ecosystem