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Zeynep, Product Manager @BlaBlaCar | Paris

I was worried that the European ecosystem would not be as vibrant, would not be as happening … but I find out it wasn’t true!

Keep on movin’

My name is Zeynep, I am from Istanbul and I came to Paris about two years ago. I was born and raised in Istanbul and then I went to the US for my university degree. I was there for 4 years studying engineering. After graduation, I decided I was ready for another adventure: I wanted to move again!

Choosing the company over the country

Moving to Europe was set in my mind. Among the different companies across London, Berlin and Paris… Blablacar was the one I was the most excited about.

There are many factors when deciding to move, but ultimately what really drew me to Paris was the company itself. I was really amazed by everyone I met during the interview process and the values of the company – what BlaBlaCar stands for, really spoke to me.

What I like about France

There are other reasons that participated to my decision: French! I speak a little bit of French so I was thinking it would be an amazing opportunity for me to improve my French. Second reason is Paris, it’s a great city with beautiful people, and I really appreciate the culture here of… enjoying life!

Having lived in the US for 4 years I was comparing Europe to the States in my head a lot, and I was worried that the European ecosystem would not be as vibrant, would not be as happening … but I find out it wasn’t true!

An ecosystem that’s here to help you

I actually found there was a willingness between startups in Paris to help each other out. Also the French government is really trying to boost our competitiveness and the ecosystem in general.

So there is a lot of willingness for different companies to be in touch with each other and share know how. This is also true for people as well!

When I got in touch with WonderLeon they helped me from finding my apartment to understanding how the tax system works here. Their help was invaluable! Knowing that there was someone somewhere I could reach out to was really helpful for me.

| From Zeneyp’s experience:

★ Take the leap, the ecosystem will be here to help you!

★ Choose Europe: there is a range of jobs and cities to discover!

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