BlaBlaCar gathers the largest long-distance ridesharing community in the world. Thanks to the French start-up, founded in 2006, drivers with free seats can get together with passengers looking for the same ride. The costs of the ride (including tolls and petrol) are shared between the ridesharers. In 2015, BlaBlaCar fundraised $310 million, making us one of the best-equipped startups. The name “BlaBlaCar” comes from the opportunity to choose if you are more a “Bla”, a “BlaBla”, or even a “BlaBlaBla” kind of person!
BlaBlaCar is established as a « people-powered transport network », economical, ecological and friendly all at once. The service relies on a website and an application at the leading edge of technology as well as on a dedicated member-relation service. BlaBlaCar benefits from a rare advantage for a web French player: its ridesharing service is the most user-friendly and complete in the world, placing us one key step ahead while expanding in new countries.

Why joining us?

  • Work with talented, dynamic, international and kind colleagues in a friendly and inspiring atmosphere
  • You will take part in the democratization of a more sustainable transportation mode
  • Employees get free English lessons
  • The BlaBla Swap: the opportunity to spend a week every year in one of our offices abroad
  • Our BlaBla Parties: we organize internal parties very regularly!
  • Breakfasts on Fridays to end the week on a good note
  • The BlaBla lounge, equipped with a table-football game and arcade machines
  • And a nice bonus: you will get a sponsor as soon as you arrive!

Life @ Blablacar


• BlaBlaCar officially launches in France under the name covoiturage.fr.
• In 2009, First employee Laure Wagner joins BlaBlaCar
• In 2015, BlaBlaCar expands further by launching in Brazil and India, and by teaming up with Rides in Mexico, Mitfahrgelegenheit in Germany and Autohop in Hungary, Croatia, Serbia and Romania.
• To fuel global growth and expand internationally, $200m is raised through Insight Venture Partners, Lead Edge Capital and Vostok New Ventures.
• In 2016: Trust is what enables millions of people to carpool every day. Read how BlaBlaCar is Entering the Trust Age.

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  • International Presence

    22 countries

Talented People

What type of Leon are they looking for?

We are looking for skills in priority! Our future colleagues will need to have their own technical business skills, but also to share our values, including our passion for innovation. Being fluent in English is required as we work worldwide!