In 2007, three French entrepreneurs launched Talentsoft to offer European companies an employee-centric digital HR platform to design a fulfilling work experience for all. Made up of individuals who are passionate about HR and learning, Talentsoft’s teams think, develop, and deploy one of the most innovative talent management and learning software. It enables companies to efficiently manage all HR processes, including recruiting, onboarding, performance, talent review, competencies, learning, and compensation.
And because it is no longer just about HR digitization, but about organizations’ global transformation, Talentsoft offers an ultra-customizable collaborative digital platform that fosters interactions and transforms employees’ work experience by integrating competencies management with career paths and training courses.
Talentsoft is now 600 employees in 15 countries in Europe, America, Asia and Africa. More than 1600 companies uses its platform to manage their almost 9 million employees across the globe.

Why joining us?

  • We live a success story where we value everyone’s input
  • We work in a truly international company with more than 30 nationalities, speaking 18 different languages
  • The Talentsoft spirit is synonymous with enthusiasm, fun, attentiveness, and team work.
  • At Talentsoft, you will not only join a team, but also a group of committed individuals from different cultures and backgrounds.
  • All our teams have contributed with their skills and expertise to successfully carry out Talentsoft projects. Talentsoft owe its performance and success to its employees’ entrepreneurial character.
  • Our employees enjoy various activities such as football, running, FIFA matches, al fresco meals, and much more. Life at Talentsoft is an adventure.

“Sometimes people think that innovation only happens in Silicon Valley. Well, with Talentsoft it’s also the case in Europe. We were the first 100% people centric and cloud solution on the market. Innovation is in our DNA. Millions of employees, thousands of companies, use the result of our work.” Jean-Stéphane ARCIS, CEO of Talentsoft.

Don’t wait anymore! Join an ambitious and innovative company where you can unleash your potential!

Life @ Talentsoft


  • We have the biggest R&D lab dedicated to HR Cloud in Europe, with 200 developers, architects and production managers
  • We offer a unique employee experience wherever you are
  • We work hard but we have fun and we know how to party
  • We raised more than 50M€ in 10 years and now realize a 52M€ revenue
  • Year of creation


  • Number of employees


  • International Presence

    15 countries

What type of Leon are they looking for?

We are looking for passionate and ambitious tech-lovers who want to be part of a success story.