Connecting International Talent with the European Tech



At the end of May 2015, a dozen scaleups, all icons of French Tech, launched an original pioneer call to French talent worldwide, trumpeting career opportunities offered by the tech boom in France: #REVIENSLEON.

In barely a year, the call was answered by talent of every nationality, scaleups went global, offering jobs around the world, and new companies joined the movement. In the two years since, nearly 20,000 candidates representing over 100 nationalities have applied, and 2600 ‘Leons’ ─ French or foreign talent with global experience ─ have been recruited.

That’s why in May 2017, #REVIENSLEON became WONDERLEON, to cross borders and push back boundaries!



WONDERLEON is optimistic, ambitious, and pro-European through and through. The movement is based on a mutual conclusion: that the innovation ecosystem is a vibrant force in Europe and needs, more than ever, to attract international talent, “Leons,” to take its global development to the next level. Its momentum and resolutely optimistic open-mindedness makes European Tech a prime option in the career choices of exceptional talent around the world, and presents a unique opportunity to be a part of incredibly dynamic innovation.

WONDERLEON has a positive vision of the European tech scene dynamism. The European tech scene is creating an innovation model: the emergence of several clusters (London, Berlin, Paris, Barcelona) of mature ecosystems that attract an increasing number of international investors (13.6 billion euros of investment in European tech in 2016, according to an Atomico & Slush projection).

These innovative businesses drive job creation in Europe. On average, employment growth in Europe’s Tech sector was estimated at 2.1% between 2015 and 2016 (source: Atomico & Slush, The State of the European Tech 2016). Not only do these companies create tomorrow’s jobs, but they also offer positions of responsibility, attractive to highly qualified talent worldwide. Rallying these clusters around new synergies, shared by all, provides acceleration leverage for the ecosystem as a whole.

Who is Leon?

He or she is a challenging professional in search of discovery and opportunity all around the world. Having already worked in innovative, dynamic and aspiring companies internationally, he or she has been enriched with global experience and vision and has sparked a change in culture. Today, he or she is looking for the next move and considers European Tech as the natural evolution of his/her career. He or she wants to join an innovative European company in a worldwide office to take part in the next wave of innovation.



WonderLeon is the international program focused on attracting global talent for the European Tech’s ecosystem. The program federates French and European startups and scaleups in hypergrowth in order to strengthen their employer brand.

Our wonder friends

Beyond the start-ups who first decided to start the #REVIENSLEON adventure, other companies, while not looking for that kind of profiles, have made a point of getting involved with the programme when it launched, so as to give Léon even more reasons to come home.

Michel et Augustin

Michel et Augustin will be preparing a "French gourmet" welcome by filling up the candidates’ fridge for 3 months with their incredible recipes and a free cooking class at "La Bananeraie".

My Little Paris

My Little Paris will give candidates good reasons to enjoy their relocation in France by helping them discover new cultural addresses, restaurants, as well as French "art de vivre”.


Tediber France's first 100% online mattress brand, welcomes the future Léon by offering them an incredible mattress! Both firm and cosy, this mattress is designed to suit all Léon, and to provide them with the rest they need to begin smoothly their new professional life.

Our wonder partners

Julie, Meetic Match-Group

Julie, Meetic Match-Group

Expatriates living abroad are kind of scared they can’t find the dynamism they have been experiencing abroad. But there is actually a lot of career opportunities in the European tech ecosystem!

Zeynep, BlaBlaCar

Zeynep, BlaBlaCar

When I got in touch with WonderLeon they helped me from finding my apartment to understanding how the tax system works here. Their help was invaluable!

Salah, Sigfox

Salah, Sigfox

I think a lot of French people abroad might be interested about the job offers on it keeps them aware of what’s going on in french companies! I hope there will be more happy Leons like me in the coming future!