In 2015, we launched the #REVIENSLEON appeal to spotlight career opportunities in the fast-growing buoyant French tech ecosystem. At first, this message targeted the boldest, most talented French expatriates looking for new professional challenges. They heard the call, but so did talents of all nationalities as the initiative attracted a wider public, and more quickly than expected. In the past two years, over 20,000 candidates–60% of them international, representing 100 different nationalities–have applied to companies which are part of this initiative.

Within two years, 2600 “Leons” and “Leones” have been recruited by our companies. Ambitious tech enthusiasts from around the world seized the job opportunities the French tech sector had to offer. Our scaleups* have gone global and now offer positions in their offices worldwide.

Today, what #REVIENSLEON has done for French scaleups, WONDERLEON wants to do for the whole European ecosystem. Now is the time to make European tech shine and put our continent on the podium of international talent competition. #REVIENSLEON trades its beret for the stars of the European flag and becomes WONDERLEON. This is more than just a name change, it is a transformation: an original, pioneering made-in-France initiative grows into a European ambition.

At a time when regions of the world choose to turn inward, the impetus for renewal is right here. Europe is experiencing and building an all-new land of innovation and opportunities. Hundreds of accelerators and incubators exist and the biggest campus of startups in the world, Station F, will soon be inaugurated in Paris. From Stockholm to London, from Paris to Berlin and Barcelona, there are already 47 European unicorns (with an average value of $2.8 billion), such as Spotify or Deliveroo**. In France, our success stories are called Sigfox, Criteo, Dataiku, BlaBlaCar and Parrot, to name a few. Investors have read the signs: venture capital funds have multiplied their investments fivefold since 2011, reaching a total of €13 billion in 2016. This momentum is backed by some of the world’s top engineering schools, and over 4.7 million developers (more than in the United States!). Shenghen Europe makes it easier for qualified talent to relocate and now encourages the arrival of talent from outside Europe’s borders thanks to new measures such as the “Passeport Talent” in France or the European Blue Card across Europe.

WONDERLEON aims to mobilize the entire ecosystem by widening its base beyond scaleups. The challenge of recruiting experienced international talent concerns companies of all sizes, whether they are young and l born global or well-established multinationals in the throes of the digital transition. That is why WONDERLEON is now open to all European companies committed to innovation: startups, scaleups and “grown-ups” (corporate innovative groups).

International talents provide leverage for business growth. Their know-how, out-of-the-box thinking and multicultural careers bring a beneficial breath of fresh air and creativity to our teams. WONDERLEON opens the doors to a European ecosystem teeming with career opportunities, spotlighting the best job offers of our program companies and providing relocation support, helping Leons negotiate any logistical, administrative or practical obstacles.

European startups, scaleups and grown-ups are writing the future here and now. We are riding a wave of optimism in France and across Europe and invite the world’s top talent to join us. WONDERLEON, making Innovating Europe shine far and wide!

* a “scaleup” is a startup with several dozen employees engaged in active international expansion 
** Source: ITSocial The WonderLeon collective

The WonderLeon collective